To Celebrate the Half Century, 50th Birthday

Please remember that you are only a day older than your forties!

"Forty is the old age of youth, fifty is the youth of old age" - Victor Hugo

It is never too late for the first time, whether it be a trip to the Highlands, gravity biking, shooting a stag (on film), and if this is all too much for you there is always golf...Enjoy the relaxing ambiance of St Fillans and the wonderful setting of Loch Earn. A gift voucher can be the ideal present to celebrate a birthday.

If you would like more information, all you have to do is telephone reception on 01764 685 333 and mention "50th Birthday Gift or Birthday Present" or ask us for some more ideas for Birthday Gift Vouchers.

We can talk you through some options, which may include:

  • The present of a bottle of champagne on arrival to set the tone
  • Fine dining experience for two in the award wining Meall Reamhar Restaurant
  • A first time activity, something that has not been done before
  • Join in and make this a very special romantic birthday to be shared and enjoy one of our four poster bedrooms