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Travel Advice

Some pointers to consider when you are travelling on holiday to enjoy this pet friendly hotel in Scotland situated in scenic west Perthshire.

Remember that a dog’s first experience of a car is as a puppy when being taken away from its family. Often the second experience is going to the vets for vaccinations, so please consider this when taking your dog away by car.

Frequent stops are a good idea for fresh air and water. If it’s one of those sunny hot days let lots of fresh air in the car…your back seat or boot area has lots of windows and can become quite warm.

Please remember that dogs are unable to adjust their body temperature as efficiently as humans can and dehydrate and suffer from heat exhaustion very quickly. Ten minutes in a hot, airless car can cause serious damage.

Don’t forget plenty of dog food for the holiday, water for the journey, your dog’s own personal bedding and that extra lead just in case.

For more information about the Pet Concierge Service at the Four Seasons please call Reservations on 01764 685 333.