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New kids in town and dognapping

News of the day in St Fillans....

But to start. there seems to be a number of new kids on the block – “Welcome!” so I’m feeling a little older (and wiser???) All these young things are bouncing around and just want to play but on a serious note, we can be part of your family life for as long as your children. Vet medicine is evolving (Noel is my hero!) and we are living longer and longer. We can still be here even when your kids head off to university.

But over recent months, there has been some shocking happenings – DOG THEFT!!!  All you humans who have been working from home over the last year have thought it is now a good idea to get pets – mostly dogs. Mostly, you took to running, jogging or walking for exercise, but, in case you hadn’t noticed, someone who walks on their own can sometimes be looked upon as a little strange, whereas if you have a dog, well, the whole world talks to you (particularly if you are as handsome as me!)

DOGNAPPING has escalated because many of you want designer dogs. Some gangs are making more money from stealing and selling puppies than they are from drug dealing! The value placed on us, as pups, has increased by up to 100% in some cases, with puppies selling for £2,000 /£3,000 each! (My breeder, I came from a place called Hope Farm, has stopped breeding during the pandemic because she does not want to encourage these people.) So, if you have got yourself a new pup, please do take care.

On a lighter note, who has joined us in the village… Well, we have Hector, a very handsome young roti. He might only be 6-months but he is bigger than me already! You may have seen Freddie on our FB page– a 6-year old Dulux dog, he’s a rescue and has fitted beautifully into his owners’ lives. 


I’ve met a foxy little lady, called Rosa, she’s like me but a sort of orangey/brown colour. At 6-months she is too young to be rusty, but she is just full on – ah those were the days… and my personal favourite is Shelley. Again, she is like me, but blonde. Shelley belongs to Barry & Marie-Claire.

Marie-Claire is a Guide Dog trainer. My human used to help with guide dogs in our other home before we came here. Unfortunately, I was never allowed to go to all the fundraising events as I wasn’t a proper guide dog and couldn’t be trusted – Huh! Shelley is only four and didn’t quite make the grade. Marie-Claire, also has guest dogs, some that are needing a little extra help to keep them on the straight and narrow, so her garden goes like a fair.

I heard a rumour that we have a new teddy bear in the village. We had teddy bears sitting in our windows last year for lockdown at one period, so I don’t quite know what was wrong with them. They were kind of quiet but didn’t cause offence…. Anyway, I’ve been told that his name is Chester and he arrived for Valentines Day. Can’t wait to meet him!

Teddy in the wood
Teddy Bear

On a final note, I would like to say a sad goodbye to some friends in the village who have made their way over that rainbow bridge.

Brook and Sammy – missing you loads and know your humans are too!

Rainbow over caravan park
Rainbow over Loch Earn