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Life in Lockdown

1 hour a day!!!

It is quite a while since my human has written a page for me (she tells me she has been busy – huh!) but I felt it important to share my lockdown life with my four legged friends both locally and further afield. It is not just you humans that lockdown is impacting upon.

We haven’t had any visitors to the hotel for several weeks now so I am not getting made a fuss of and I seem to have lost a little bit of weight – must be less treats because it is certainly not more exercise! An hour a day means we walk up through the chalets, past the fabulous new picnic area and if I am lucky there may be some nuts left on the squirrel table, but not often. We head along the cycle path and then make our way across to the golf course past the farm where there are lots of lambs. My owner here keeps me on a very tight lead! I’m not allowed to run around as much as normal and I haven’t seen Bella and Penny for ages.

When we reach the golf course, my human abandons me and I am left to sit whilst she walks off miles away. I chase after her thinking she’ll be pleased to see me but she mutters something about “not calling me and supposed to stay”. After the golf course we walk around the south side of Loch Earn and then go over the bridge. Sometimes we then go to the village shop where I get tied up for a few minutes and then it is back along the road or garden path to the hotel and then breakfast. This is my main walk of the day, otherwise I have got to know Moodnight very well!

I sometimes see Sammy but I’m not allowed to speak to her. We sometimes meet people but I don’t get to play with them. There are no treats and I have to say I am getting bored with this walk. I know my human doesn’t have a car just now so it also means we can’t go far, but I don’t think we are supposed to just now, are we? What I do see is lots of people feeding the ducks (why not me????) and there have been lots of spitting geese – not nice.

Have also seen lots of police cars going past – they wave at us but don’t stop.

I can’t wait till we’re allowed to go someplace else for a walk and I can play with my friends again……………