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Hi, My name is Finn and this is my first blog in my new home – The Four Seasons Hotel in St Fillans. It is a beautiful part of Perthshire with the hotel enjoying a Lochside position on Loch Earn, just on the edge of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. It is absolutely fabulous for walks and I am having a great time exploring. My human, Sue, adores me and takes me to lots of different places and last week we went for a walk up Glen Ogle, about 10 minutes from here on the way to Killin. It is part of the National Cycle Network (Route 7), so there are no sheep and I could run about to my heart’s content! I thought I saw deer in the trees but they were too quick for me!

Anyway, I didn’t know what to tell you in my first blog but I got into trouble this week as I raided my owners’ handbag and ate some sweets. She was really annoyed as they weren’t sweets, she said they were ibuprofen, so we had a trip to see Sarah the vet in Crieff who gave me an injection to make me sick. I then had a sleepover with her. I wouldn’t recommend ibuprofen to any of my friends after that but I did enjoy my sleepover.

Sue, my owner has been working on a new pet menu for the hotel so I thought I would share my thoughts with you about the importance of a healthy diet. Like human babies, getting the right food when we are little is so important hence special puppy/kitten food. It has different vitamins, is easier to digest and gentler on our new sensitive tummies so she has chosen special Pedigree puppy food and Felix kitten food. (We’re not just a dog-friendly hotel, we welcome all pets!)
Caring dog owners then help us through our teenage years when we are burning more energy running around so Sue has chosen James Wellbeloved Junior Lamb and Rice. Like humans we dogs come in all shapes and sizes when we are fully grown, so small dogs have to get small kibble and big dogs big kibble so we have a choice that includes Eukanuba and Applaws and wet food plus Applaws and Iams for cats. I am simply spoilt for choice! And if you are an old boy or girl you can enjoy Lily’s Salmon and Trout healthier and lower on calories for the less active.

The Four Seasons has always been recognised as one of the best dog-friendly hotels in Scotland but we want to be one of the best PET-friendly hotels in Scotland. We allow dogs in the bedrooms as well as the log cabins, dogs always get a biscuit bone on arrival (there is also a biscuit jar in both bars). Owners can get walking maps and there is a pet sitting/walking service if owners want an evening without us (why????) as well as a pet listening service. My favourite is that my furry friends are welcome in the wee bar and the Tarken where we are always made a fuss of. And if you are one man or lady with your dog or cat, you get extra special attention as we know there is a special bond between you and your owner.

If you are an extended family you might like to know that we also offer an apartment. The apartment, like the chalets, has a view over Loch Earn but gives those families with two or three dogs a bit more space which when we like to stretch out is really important.

If you have any suggestions as to how we make The Four Seasons more welcoming to all pets, do drop me a line. I hope you enjoy our new menu.

A woof and a wag,